• These speakers sound extraordinary and have preferable affectability and bass over the Alpine SPS 610C segment 2-way speakers I mounted in the front entryway. In view of the high affectability dB, I need to blur the back speakers by - 8 on a size of 15, slicing the sound flag down the middle on these to adjust the lower volume of my Alpines in advance.

    I have a 400w Kenwood KAC-M1804 Amp with a Kenwood DPX300U stereo, and running at a noisy volume of 25 on a size of 35 they never misshape any stable. And still, at the end of the day the bass sounds like it is more grounded in the back than front. Tweeters equal the 1.5" segment silk tweeters in my Alpines in the upper front entryways. I like them marginally superior to the Alpines in advance costing 3x to such an extent. The hard-surface, hardened bigger cone on these speakers with fabric encompasses likewise looks exceptionally tough for a hot and radiant back deck area. With the reserve funds, I utilized 24 sq ft of GTMat to calm metal reverberation. I think about these a fantastic can foresee a decent 6x9" speaker.


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